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5 New Adventure Travel Ideas

Bored with the same old destinations? Are you looking for a new travel adventure? Here are five more to put on your bucket list. 

1- Cuba Adventure

A Cuban adventure is a good idea. Why? A Cuba adventure is like traveling through time. You get to see beautiful age-old architecture and vintage cars everywhere! Rent a car, play the song “Havana” as you drive around the city. Stop by a park. Grab a drink at a vintage bar at noontime. Enjoy the white sands of Playa Los Flamencos. Swim in Playa Pilar. Dive the beaches. You can even go snorkeling! In Cuba, you can create your own amazing adventure! Here are some Cuba travel tips to help you with your planning.

2- Diving in the Philippines 

El Nido, Palawan is one of the most pristine locations not yet commercialized for tourists. It’s not as overrated as Philippines’ top beach destination, Boracay. Here, you can still enjoy nature without the crowds. Discover secret beaches, go boating, island hopping, and diving.

There are  thousands of dive sites in the Philippines, mostly around Luzon and Visayas. Start your scuba adventure at Puerto Galera, near Manila, where thousands of divers get certified. Also near Manila, Subic Bay has impressive sunken WWII warships.

3- Bhutan Hiking

Bhutan is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, based on the global ranking for happiness in the World Happiness Report.  A journey around Bhutan is quite an adventure and sightseeing in Thimpu and Paro (here are some places to see in Paro) and other places along the way is a trip you won’t forget. The scenery is absolutely stunning and even though Bhutan is sandwiched between India and China, this little Himalayan kingdom has managed to hang on to its individuality.

Bhutan has 17 hiking trails! Hike some of the mountains of the Himalayas. There are many beautiful Buddhist temples along the way. There are also old settlements for a great cultural experience. You can arrange a short hike or a month-long trek. The Snowman Trek is reserved for experienced hikers only. If you are ready for it, what is stopping you from enjoying spectacular views while testing your endurance?

4- Walk the Julian Alps

There are lots of things to do in Slovenia. One of which is hiking Mount Triglav which is the highest Slovene mountain. Stay in alpine huts and swim in the lakes. The town, Bled, is also charming and medieval. It’s worth a visit. There are also ski resorts worth checking out for winter sports!

5- Sailing in Croatia

Sun, sea, and sand: – these are the three things that define Croatia. Relax, explore, and party— these are the three things you should do in Croatia!  Explore charming towns on the Adriatic coast, such as Split, Dubrovnik and a host of other lesser-known places.  Of course, don’t miss the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Here are some things to do in Dubrovnik you will love!

A sailing adventure with friends is a fun way to explore Croatia. Sail during the day, stop for a swim in the middle of the Adriatic sea, land on the shores of islands and explore the towns, then party at night and repeat! 

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