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5 Hiking Vacations USA: For Adventure Travelers

There are plenty of wonderful places around the world to go on a hiking vacation. The USA, in particular, is a huge country and one where there are so many places to find adventure. It’s particularly appealing to hikers as there are so many stunning places you can go. Here are five recommended hiking vacations in the USA. Which one would you choose?

1- Grand Canyon National Park

Arizona, United States

Length: It depends, there are many trails to choose from up to 300 trail miles

Average Days to complete: A day to 2 weeks

The Grand Canyon offers something for every kind of hiker out there, it has short guided hiking tours for the one who just started hiking, and it also has something for the seasoned hiker. Whether you go to the North Rim or South Rim, you will enjoy amazing views. The Grand Canyon has some of the best-maintained trails in the world. You will also meet many fellow hikers as well! In choosing a hike for you, make sure you do not overestimate yourself so you can also enjoy the trail. Pick one that best suits you or ask for a recommendation. A Grand Canyon adventure is a bucket list experience you will enjoy. Here is a great post on how to experience the Grand Canyon

2- Appalachian Trail

Between Georgia and Maine

Length: 2,200 miles

Average Days to complete: You can take a one-day hike or you can set to complete which can last for 2-6 months. If you’re keen on the day hike, here’s a useful beginner’s hiking guide to help you get organised.

You can choose your own hiking adventure and enjoy yourself! An option for a short hike would mean going through the Nantahala Outdoor Center. You can do so much here, including rafting! You can also take routes that lead to hot springs! You will find many accommodations and campsites on the trail. There are also many visitors here so you are sure to find a new friend!

3- Colorado Trail

Colorado, United States

Length: 486 miles 

Average Days to complete: 4-6 weeks if complete, you can choose to take shorter hikes

This is also a well-known trail that has 13,271 feet high point. There are many hikers here, but you can also meet horse riders and cyclists along the way. If you choose this trail, you will pass through mining towns, a ski resort, 8 mountain ranges, 6 national forests and 6 wilderness areas.

4- Oregon Coast Trail

Pacific Ocean coast, Oregon, United States

Length: 425 miles

Average Days to complete: You can choose from hikes that take 1 day or up to 30 days. Here’s a good Oregon coast camping itinerary.

Are you looking for an extraordinary trail? If you are into beaches, this trail involves a lot of walking on beach sands instead of traversing the woods or climbing the mountains. Of course, there will still be forests and there are many parks along the way as well.

5- Tahoe Rim Trail

California to Nevada, United States

Length: 165 miles

Average Days to complete: 10-15 days

It’s a loop around Lake Tahoe and the mountain ranges that connect California and Nevada. It’s best to go here during summer because it is known to be stormy during winter. What is most loved about this trail is that there are diverse landscapes from beautiful volcanic rock formations and ice valleys to lush meadows filled with flowers! This trail is not as long as the one mentioned above so you can complete in a shorter period of time.

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