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Carrying Your Camera Up A Mountain

Mountains provide great photography opportunities. If you’re prepared to put in the hard yards, you can capture unique landscape shots. But to be an expert in mountain photography you need to be prepared. Here are some general tips on how to get the best out of mountain photography.


It’s all in the preparation

Photographing mountains is more challenging than photography most other types of landscapes. First of all, you need to hike, sometimes for hours, to get to the right spot. But if you’re a hiker and getting there is easy for you then you should make the most out of it and go prepared to get beautiful photos.

The peaks and valleys might also make it challenging to find the right positions because the light is not always in the right place. It might take weeks to get to the right position to capture the perfect shot. So knowing as much as possible about the layout of the land will help you in your quest to becoming a top mountain photographer.

Time your arrival

The most amazing mountain pictures are usually taken at sunset or sunrise. So patience and timing is required here. It might seem like it will take hours for the sun to set but the fact is that it only takes a few minutes. If the opportunity passes would you wait another day to get the perfect shot? It’s best to get into position well before the sun is about to set or rise with all your photography equipment already set up.

Change Perspectives

While doing mountain photography it is important to keep on changing the perspectives. This is to provide room for different angles. Try not to take all your photos from one spot. Instead, keep moving to try to capture different perspectives.

Include Water and People

Most mountains usually look better when there is water, especially rivers and waterfalls. The water makes the pictures look more lively and natural. Putting a pool of water at the forefront of the picture adds a different dimension. Including people in the pictures is also helpful because it helps give a perspective of the scale of the landscape.

Don’t Just Focus on the Iconic Sites

Every mountain has specific spots that have been done to death. These places are great to photograph a selfie for your Facebook profile but for a unique professional shot try looking for somewhere new. A good mountain photography guide can be invaluable in finding those places for you.

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