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5 Mind Blowing Trips for Adventure Travellers

Overseas adventure travels or exploring the great outdoors is becoming a trend. Other than just going to famous landmarks and shopping for souvenirs around the city, adventure travellers want something more. Are you looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience? Here are five overseas travel adventures and outdoor adventure travel ideas, not too far from home:

1- Hiking in Nepal

Nepal is a paradise for hikers or trekkers. If you are one of those adventure travellers who loves conquering mountains and being on top of the world, trek the Annapurna Circuit

Many adventure travellers climb during peak season, but if you want to take it to the next level, try going mid-December. There will be just a few trekkers who are willing to brave the Himalayas’ snow-capped mountains. 

Aside from the natural landscapes, you’ll also experience the culture of the Nepalese who live in the mountains. And it’s less expensive to trek at this time of year too. Accommodation will only cost you a dollar or two, but just be sure you can deal with the altitude. 

It’s not a good idea for first-time outdoor adventure travellers, but it can be done. Prepare well and remember to always listen to your body! Here’s a guide on how to trek Everest Base Camp independently.  

2- Cycling in Italy

You pack everything else you need for an overnight hike or adventure. But have you ever tried carting your bike with you overseas? If you haven’t, maybe you might want to consider it. 

Italy is a great country to discover on a bicycle. It’s a bike-friendly country and cycling is huge there. There are fabulous cityscapes and landscapes. 

You can cycle around the cities or seek out the uphill terrain for more of a challenge. What’s more is that Italy also has drinking fountains everywhere!

3- Driving in Indonesia

Is Bali worth visiting? Well, Bali in Indonesia is probably one of the best tourist destinations in the world! It’s a paradise. Everyone knows.

If you are an adventure traveller, you’ve probably been to Bali and surfed the waves of Kuta. However, what you might not have tried is renting a car in Bali! 

The traffic is terrible, that is why scooters are preferred, but, why a car might be more enjoyable is the air-conditioning when you are stuck in traffic.

 If you get past the traffic, driving around Bali is a challenging experience to try.  Some travellers don’t even worry about having a license, as it’s not unusual to hand the officer a few bills. We don’t recommend that so be sure to apply for an international driving license if you want to drive in a foreign country!

4- Hiking the Inca Trail

If you are into hiking and you want to visit Peru, hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It’s one of the top trails in the world. If you reach the Sun Gate, wow, you can enjoy the view without any clouds hiding the view!

5- Surfing “The Wedge” Newport Beach, California

Most adventure travellers are into surfing. If you are an avid surfer you already know of “The Wedge”. 

It’s the killer because it is so intense that it is only for skilled surfers. It’s not ideal for beginners. 

The waves are so huge and powerful that you mostly have to body surf. 

If you feel that you can take on the challenge, take your surfing adventure to the next level! Remember to stay safe, adrenaline junkie!

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